Oprah is a celebrity and billionaire because of her amazing work as a host and story teller. With Trump’s “billionaire-celebrity” status having made him seem bulletproof, his opponents think that Oprah could defeat him in a head-to-head in 2020.

I’m going to tell you why that can’t happen in 2020, but it is a serious consideration for 2024.

Being a billionaire, host, and celebrity jettisoned Trump into the spotlight. But, his achievement in business delivered him the victory.

Oprah has her billions from her celebrity work. Trump has his celebrity status from the hard work he did elsewhere in business. Oprah has not done or accomplished that kind of work—at least not the kind of work necessary to defeat Trump in 2020.

The very reason that Trump’s presidency will continue to be a success through his second term is the very reason Oprah could be looking at a serious bid after him. Especially with the bipartisan talk he hosted at the White House, Americans see why his reputation for competence in negotiation and business are well-deserved. We are certainly looking at more good reforms in 2018 than in 2017 and, more importantly, bipartisan cooperation. Trump finally convinced the Republicans to get along with him in 2017, the Democrats are next.

The country is improving and even Democrat voters are feeling it. The fear- and hate-mongering weren’t what they were cracked up to be, after all. In some sense, I could say that Oprah will be able to defeat a Republican because, with all the snowballed good results by 2024 anyway, she and her base won’t hold animosity toward Trump. As Michael Corleone advised his nephew, “Never hate your enemies; it clouds your judgment.”

But, more importantly, Trump is proving that it’s time for Washington to be led by successful entrepreneurs who retire to serve their country in politics. Though he has more of the practical qualifications for the task of the hour than Oprah, she is a not-to-distant second and a far lead over what else has been happening in Washington. After all, she made her career by listening and helping people understand each other.

Will she actually run in 2024? If the need for Oprah is to defeat Trump then no—there wouldn’t be a point in defeating a lame duck so there wouldn’t be power in it either. But, she could win if she waits. After all, Trump waited until Obama’s tenure ended, and he won.