Western culture has gone off the deep end. Too many people construct their own sets of values, merely based on the notion that it “seems like a good idea”. They do it with political-economic principles, with religion, business, relationships, spirituality, even science.

Why is it such a big secret that ideas aren’t right or wrong because they “seem good” in our ignorance? If an economic idea is good, then it will solve money problems. If a war strategy is good, then it will win the war. If an exercise method is good then it will lead to a healthier, stronger body. If a business idea is good then the business will grow. But, if money has problems—if the war is lost—if the body becomes injured or unhealthy—if the business fails, then the ideas that led to that failure can’t possibly be good ideas.

People don’t seem to have this figured out these days. What gives?

Do we make maps of the stars by drawing a chart of what we think the constellations should look like? Do angels, demons, and other spiritual things take on whatever reality we imagine they should? Does the tide change its schedule to fit whatever time we supposed it will come in and go out? Do mountains adjust their heights in order to conform to however tall we guess they are?

If we’re going to claim something about God, we need a basis other than “it seems right to me”. If we are going to claim that this or that economic framework will work, we need to look at the resulting numbers and accept the proof that they give.

Companies, business, families, elections—too many, too long, too often—we made decisions because it seemed good. We did it with Bush on excusing the mess in Iraq, then we continued it with Obama.

It’s like the fool in the book of Isaiah who worships his own craft. How can a mortal create his own god? He can’t. But, those who try form their own mutual admiration societies, pat each other on the backs, complain about the outside world other en masse, then formulate success theories by consensus rather than results.

But, everyone doesn’t do like they do. There are still those who test their ideas by results and recognize competence by its fruit. They’re making lots of new money and giving it away.