The Moore-Franken scandal may have been the last. I lump them together for obvious reasons of partisan hypocrisy and, “more frankly”, outright fatigue. Republican voters are sick of “scandal” meaning a Democrat must replace a Republican seat, but never a Republican replace a Democratic seat.

But, then people are just tired of scandals altogether. We’re tired of seeing it. We’re tired of reading it. And “more frankly”, I’m tired of writing about it. The week of Thanksgiving, almost every headline was about some perverse scandal—at least in most American news headlines.

It’s all the same. Ever since 9/11—when we got addicted to having the news on 24-7—it seems we’ve been willing to act like a battle over this year’s tax bill is something to read about every morning. Maybe some people aren’t aware of the last 200 years, but Americans have been fighting about taxes since before the country was founded. Tax isn’t news, it’s history.

Of course, if a miracle can happen and a Republican Congress work with a Republican president to pass a bill, that might help Republicans win the next election. If not, then the more likely road of a Republican president and a Democratic Congress might pass more laws. We’ll see what voters say next November about what Congress says this December.

The bigger news is that people are finally getting tired of news and politics as usual. Come to think of it, with “Taxes…” and “Scandal…” being the favorite headlines, perhaps boredom, not the Internet, is why the news industry seems to be having such a tough time. There’s plenty happening in other news.

For example, love him or hate him, Trump is busting up the archaic rut in Washington. Old rules don’t stick. He could spell the end of both political parties. Wouldn’t that be YUGE? Exhaustion from scandals in both parties, bringing boxing gloves and mouth guards to survive Thanksgiving and Christmas—people are becoming evermore aware of the scripts that divide us.

That’s newsworthy right there. Today we are breaking free from scripted rules about who has to do what, which political plays always win, what two parties dominate every ballot, what makes a business fail, what headlines we’re expected to fear, which bad news has to cause what cascade…

If you’re among the many who feel somewhat overwhelmed this season, don’t. People are waking. Change is coming. Can you see it?