Milo’s store is still running, today at November 14, Think Progress had posted a story The walls are closing in on Milo Yiannopoulos, but they don’t seem to be. He is still giving speeches. Another site,, shows signs that it’s still turning into something. So, are the walls closing in or not? What gives?

Milo supposedly breaks the mold: He’s a Conservative homosexual. But, anyone who knows anyone who has known anyone in the last ten years knows that Milo isn’t breaking any mold by being a Conservative and a homosexual. The mold he broke is to be famous while being normal. Personalities and self-important big shots only seem to like homosexuals and Black people if they agree with their politics, Conservative or Liberal.

There’s no reason for Milo to fail in his business. He was a leader at Breitbart—a news site with a very interesting history, one that had a starting similar to Drudge. Milo knows how to create buzz and put together websites for a variety of purposes. His shop closing at Shopify—which is shrouded in its own mystery—is another reason I tell people, as a developer, to keep control of their own stores and self-host. Who needs Shopify when you have open source platforms like WordPress or Drupal? Milo doesn’t.

But, Milo has a few other quirks. He comes across as a male supremacist, though I’m not sure myself. Is he just confident? Is he simply not afraid to stand up to feminist-supremacy?

Looking back at what little I know of Greek culture under Alexander, which continued well into the Roman New Testament era, homosexuality was coupled with extreme male chauvinism. Milo often refers to history in his claims that homosexuality is “normal”. Is he what some might cutely and affectionately call a “Grecohomo”?

I’m not pointing any fingers nor am I gaveling any conclusions. I’ve seen the fear-mongering video on YouTube about Muslims “taking over at an alarming rate”. The argument goes that groups like ISIS only crop up when the majority of a population is Muslim, whether peaceful or otherwise. That’s the argument, anyway.

Maybe the more a culture accepts homosexuality, the more Milos show up. But, I won’t label Milo a terrorist. I’m not a self-important bigshot. Labels are useless. Cultures are changing faster than labels can keep up. If Milo puts you on edge, how you’ll survive what’s ahead?