Throwing Kevin Spacey to the wolves won’t solve any problems. It won’t expose corruption. It won’t act as any kind of deterrent. It won’t satisfy any cry for justice.

There’s no acquittal for Spacey and I won’t defend him. I will level the charge, however: He’s an influential figure gone way off track, not a pen-signing boss demanding pay for play. Kevin is no Weinstein, but he still needs a “come to Jesus moment” about the entire Hollywood situation to which he has been part and parcel. Like Rapp, Yiannopoulos, and so many others, Spacey probably has his own story.

I was an actor in high school, a decent one who landed “Captain Jim” in Little Mary Sunshine. I know the kind of crude jokes in back-stage culture, which I was shamefully a part of. There you have the “men behind the curtain” culture of nearly every TV show and movie that we whore ourselves out to, week after week.

If we’re going to blast Spacey, we need a moral standard like the Bible or the Karan. Biblically, homosexuality is a charge to examine for both Spacey and Rapp. By the Karan, we’re all infidels. With neither book, it’s just one man’s self-made moral code vs another’s.

The Bible does have a lot to say, particularly about “forgiveness”. If the so-called “Christians” want to follow Rosie O’Donnell’s model, sissy-slap, and hang scarlet letters, then we just have one big mob where everyone acts righteously indignant, but no one has any right to complain.

By the standards of many “Churchianity” leaders, the most important thing for Rapp is to “get over it”. That’s what controlling pastors tell their oppressed, anyway. Sure, radical “Christian” zealots, who often confuse the Bible for a cudgel, have been condemning and vomiting all over Hollywood for years. But, that achieved nothing. Redemption is the best-kept secret on Sunday Morning, the main message from the Good Book, and the only way to fix what’s going on in the entertainment world’s big mess.

There is certainly hope. Spacey’s “water-muddying” apology would have been heartless had he not followed up with “…I want to deal with this honestly and openly and that starts with examining my own behavior.”

That goes for us all.

If anyone could turn around and lead the charge from within, Kevin could. America needs him to. If he doesn’t, there will be “H*llywood” to pay.