Advertising Gone Too Far

Facebook’s becoming a billboard. It didn’t start that way. And that’s why we liked it. Then it went public… certified, accredited, accountable, regulated… and Zuckerberg’s ” business nose” was no longer sufficient to manage the company. Now, it’s run by the same tycoons who destroyed Government Motors.

Facebook is valuable and successful because people use it, not from the popularity of advertisers. It’s the audience—the users, the readers, the listeners, the people… We made Facebook into Facebook.

It was the same as Rush Limbaugh’s snaffoo with advertisers. He’s a controversial guy. That’s why people listen to him. Angry elitists were jealous, so, not understanding how business works, they heckled his advertisers. See, in Liberal grad school ville, Moderate politics, and Asia, when someone voices the slightest disagreement, everyone throws up their hands, apologizes, placates, negotiates, compromises, and forsakes every value that makes them unique. That’s not the case with job creators, pioneers, Jesus followers, Conservatives, and number one Radio Talk Show hosts.  · · · →

Dislike Dislike Button

Are you kidding?

Maybe you got the Facebook invite. The “Dislike” button has been debated since Facebook first made it’s transition from Zuckerberg’s memory to the database of his computer.

After three invites… No. I’m not doing the Dislike Button.

Besides, everyone should know that Facebook’s “Like” button doesn’t actually mean “like”. It means, “Push this through aggregated RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds and use limited permissions to promote it in the Facebook database.”

Dah! I mean, don’t we all know that?

So, if that’s what “Like” means… then what in the world would “Dislike” mean?

Would it count a tally, like on YouTube? Would it block feeds? Would it make sure everyone in the world knows about the article, sees the link, and can comment on the title of something I “disliked”, yet still offered free advertising for it? Do I really need to know if you dislike something? Do I really care?  · · · →

Facebook Laptop Parenting

Drug dealers should feel threatened by responsible parenting in Tommy Jordan’s laptop video. If I were in the police department, I’d investigate the people who complained about this teen delinquency prevention and look for anything that encourages juvenile delinquency or delinquency within their own households. Parenting makes a difference, for better or worse. Believe it. Act on it.  · · · →