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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, February 15 | Symphony

Encore of Revival: America, February 15 | Symphony

The Piel:

WordPress finally stopped ignoring the long em dash in word counts.

Linux programming all week.

New podcast: Symphony is separate, no longer included.

Planning already to start a premium podcast about my crazy life in Asia, needs time.

Just talked with another friend about starting one of those banter talk-show podcasts. It would be seasonal.

I am planning to return to America for a visit—after the election in November.

My Word:

For the record, I think Congress should approve whattheheckever Supreme Court Justice Obama nominates. Stick to procedure.

Trump got away with calling Cruz a name by quoting and condemning the quote. Arguably, Cruz is a wimp, like the term implicates. For decades, the establishment has claimed to do the opposite of what it is doing, such as Conservatives being Conservative or Democrats being Democratic. The establishment is angry at Trump for quoting and condemning and getting away with it, probably because he stole their idea.

Obama Tip of the Week:

Appoint a Conservative Supreme Justice to clear your name of all Anti-Constitutionalism. A retired Democrat President wants a Conservative Court in his debt.

The Denialist: Edition 51



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