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Got a new store online, more coming.

Caught up on a lot of sleep.

Spent 25 minutes recording the 5 minute Encore or Revival today!

Coming in the future: With Obama’s election as “the first Black president”, many people put the “racist history” to rest permanently. This may not have been anticipated. But, this still creates a lower-than-usual tolerance toward the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Noticed: Many people are drunk on their hatred of Trump. It is going to affect their personal lives and friendships. Whether he is right or wrong, they let him get under their skin and they are going to self-destruct, be it in their jobs, businesses, hobbies, families, friendships, or even with the law, even unrelated to Trump himself. Watch the Trump dissidents you know and see.


Everyone knows that the reason Ted Cruz has locked in such a strong portion of the vote is his ability to mimic Sunday morning. This is just one more example of how the Sunday system of pastors—not the people, but the job title and system of pastors, mind you—has kept the Church hostage. It’s a teaching that whatever or whomever creates a feeling of weekly comfort—that certain regular emotion people get addicted to week by week—is the very person that we should check our brains at, while at the same time drain our checks to. Whether the man is a hypocrite doesn’t really matter, though if he is that actually helps because it forces people to follow him for all the wrong reasons, making them easier to control. Then, we only need a candidate who can come along, talk like it’s Sunday morning, and all the people vote for him not even knowing why. All the while, the power brokers know exactly why—by tapping into the religious spirit, having the appearance of wisdom and godliness, through tone, gesture, and rhetoric, yet with none of the heart of Jesus’ teaching, the people’s vote is already guaranteed to either win elections or easily interfere with whomever the establishment doesn’t like.

Now, I’d like you to turn in your Bibles to the Second Book of Elections, Chapter 3, Verse 2. Note how I don’t say “the Book of Two Elections” like the rest of the world says it. Instead, I play on the American ignorance, acting like our way is the only way, so as to play more on that Sunday morning feeling of isolationism that keeps us feeling like we’re the everlasting minority, eternally destined to lose every fight in this life. But, look at what the text of the Book of Second Elections says, that in every election, we must always seek to vote for the Jesus proxy, to look for the candidate through whom we can most easily deceive ourselves into thinking is sinless and spotless so that we can tell ourselves, as we pierce the chads or pull the leaver in November, that we are actually voting for Jesus’ representative on earth. Now, lets cross-reference by turning over to the Book of Fourth Heresies, Chapter 9, Verse 42, where it says that we must always remind ourselves that it is God who chooseth and layeth-down kings and lords, while in the same breath, at election time we must act as if it all depends on our vote, and most importantly, to act like these two contradictory ideas are one-in-the-same, lest we actually evaluate our own thinking.

 Thanks to our blind support of anyone who talks like the pastor, Cruz keeps starting fights he always loses and Paul Ryan gets more and more power. Game on, Church!

And, this is all the more reason why the Washington establishment owes every bit of thanks to the culture that keeps Sunday morning voters strong enough to make a difference for the worse, but never strong enough to win. And, in closing, may this serve as a reminder to those in Washington to pray every day that Sunday morning Christians never break out of their subculture cliques and factions, that they never realize that they can study the Bible without a pastor to tell them what the seminaries want them to think it means, and that pastors never realize that they can fund their own ministries like the Apostle Paul did, lest the Church rise up and become unstoppable. And, that is exactly why we must help the Washington and seminary establishments as they work in concert together to keep America in bonds, by never letting go of the Sunday morning commitment to heap condemnation on everyone who does not join the Sunday morning party and declare everyone outside the church walls to be an outcast. Amen.

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