What Should the Church Pray For?

Calamity in America is immanent. Few deny it, regardless of their religious beliefs. More importantly, it will mean American Revival… you know… revival?

Revival in American history has always been directly proportionate to the degree of domestic war. The greater the attack, the more pews are filled. The Battle Hymn of the Republic became more of a movement than a mere song, as it caught wind during the American Civil War. Events such as on December 4, 1941 or September 11, 2001 led to packed-out Church services.

Revival is a time when the Church gets back on track and non-Christians get revitalized. It affects everything from economics to the environment. The Fiji Islands saw revival recently—farmland that was formerly dead produced carrots the size of your arm! That was only the beginning. A dead coral reef came back to life and polluted water was miraculously purified. But it doesn’t end there.

History proves it, if you want to help the environment, we don’t need environmental laws, we need widespread Christian and national repentance. In Heaven’s eyes, anyone calling for a clean environment is asking God to dispense His not-so-secret recipe for revival.

Revivals, such as happened in Whales in 1904, which began with a miner who wanted to share Jesus with a local Sunday School, along with many others, have filled Western and Eastern history books, emptied taverns and prisons, and filled sports stadiums with people repenting and worshiping God, just as He is already praised in Heaven.

Invasion in America like no other means revival in America like no other. Not IF, but WHEN it happens in America, what should the Church do?

Stadiums will be filled with new Christians all across the country. But God won’t bring Christians together—new and mature Christians alike—merely to have more smallgroup meetings.

That many Christians in one place will be a call to prayer… What should we pray for when it happens?

Revelation 12:7-17 tells of a great war in the mid Heavens, where Satan, the Dragon, currently operates. Michael wages war against the Dragon and his Angels. The Dragon is thrown to the earth and significantly weakened by this. Then, the woman, symbolizing Israel, is given the eagle’s wings, likely the wings plucked from the the lion in Daniel 7 and symbolizing America.

Although God remains on the throne, Angelic warfare always involves prayer from God’s children. When revival happens in America, it’s time for the eagle to pray. Specifically, we must pray for Michael’s war with the Dragon, to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, to throw the Dragon to the earth so that Christ may have victory over Satan, the serpent of old, through His praying Church.

Typically, at revival meetings, after people become Christians for the first time, the preacher says something like, “Now, you believe Jesus, so, you’re Christian. Next, you need to find a Church.”

But, there is only one Church. If you’re a Christian, you’re already a member of it. So, perhaps, at our next revival, coming soon, our first order of business with new Christians should take a different tone, “Now, you believe Jesus, so, you’re Christian and you are part of the one and only Church. Next, we all need to pray that Michael overcomes the Dragon, Satan, and throws him down here to the earth, fulfilling Revelation 12, so that we the Church can conquer him by the power of Jesus Christ so that such calamity as we are seeing will finally come to an end on the face of the earth.”

Now that’s what I call nation-wide prayer, especially in America. Coming from “US”, God just might answer that prayer once and for all.

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