To Wave or Not to Wave

An ancient Chinese proverb says that people who keep domestic peace and don’t make waves will be rich and prosperous.

The proverb is true most of the time and is usually misunderstood.

Life has its “no wake zones”. If you follow that rule, yes, things will go well with you.

But different people have different motives in regard to “no wake” policy. Do you avoid making waves because you know it is wise? Or are you one who dislikes wave makers because you don’t like your boat being rocked? How you answer could make all the difference in your floating world.

About once every three generations a tsunami “wave” sweeps through a culture, turning everything upside down. In such times, those who don’t like waves, typically, loose everything, while those who always make waves may advance—for a time. But, the people who selectively make waves—only on rare occasions—but also who don’t hate waves—they will always be ahead in any wave or tsunami scenario.

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