Obvious Faith

“Jesse, how do you do that whole ‘faith-trust’ thing? Do you hear the audible voice of the Lord? How do you know whether God’s actually leading you?” I get asked this from time to time. The answer is almost too simple. Getting out of the boat is easy if you see Jesus on the waves.

God always speaks. Our problem is that we don’t want to face reality. We often don’t understand it. Knowledge is useless if you don’t welcome it.

If you were on the Titanic and you felt that infamous “shake,” what would you think? Would you even know what think? Just because the ship sinks slow at first doesn’t mean it won’t sink. Most of us stay on board until it’s too late. Most of us think nothing is wrong.

We see it with friends—problems they don’t want to face. Are we that insightful? Is it “faith” when you observe that 2,000 points form a straight line?—even when that line says you are on a sinking ship?

It’s easier to know what knowledge to seek when you hate a lumpy rug more than you love sweeping dirt under it. When God’s truth is apparent, don’t argue—and don’t delay. People may hate you for getting a life raft. They don’t want you to act like the Titanic is sinking because it’s hard for them to remain in denial if you do.

We need to get past our self-inflicted denial. That takes reading God’s Word.. A LOT. And not just to be “a better Christian,” but to know where to find gaffs in our grasp on reality—and how to fix them. Drink that book like it’s all you got! Confront your ostrich tendency to shove your head in the ground. The world is easier to see without sand in your eyes.

Take Juan Williams. Should we be surprised that FOX hired him right after NPR booted him? Just a little insight on the value of “values” would tell you that discharge from NPR actually means MORE job security elsewhere. But, how many pastors get hoodwinked by their peers who dislike “moderate Republicans” while preaching the evangel of “moderate ministry?” When we don’t have True Values, no one wants us. Being moderate Christians isn’t the answer, nor is toning-down our belief that God leads us yet today. We need to soak in the Word until it transforms us into something that non-Christians thirst for and has the strength to actually stand—not just try and cry. Most non-Christians don’t despise Jesus—moderate Christians do. Salt without salt is useless. If someone doesn’t like “saltless salt,” maybe it’s because they actually want the real thing!

Get transformed by the Word. Let it face your reality with you. Become the Real Thing. Then, walking by faith won’t seem like stumbling in the dark. With the Word illuminating your mind, knowing what God is calling you to is more like walking on a sunny beach at noon.

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