Above Their Own Values?

I do not identify with what we’ve been hearing from some Republican leaders about Mexican immigrants. “I don’t want my kids doing ‘those’ kinds of jobs,” they say. By saying “those” kinds of jobs, what do they mean? Are they referring to productive jobs, like agriculture? Are they referring to the backbone of an economy, such as manual labor or manufacturing jobs? Are they suggesting that the elements of a healthy economy are somehow “beneath” them?

Speak for yourself, but I want my kids doing healthy levels of manual labor in their younger years. King David developed his character watching sheep as a young boy and he had his son, the wise Solomon, spend time in the same fields before becoming King. Joseph spent several years in service and even prison—unjustly. He didn’t become the effective ruler of Egypt “in spite” of his hardship, but “because” of it.

With this foolish mentality being touted among leaders of a party who ostensibly believe in the principals of liberty—that life is a pursuit, not a guarantee—should there be any surprise that the American economy is having difficulty?

Every great nation, in its rising years, has heavy amounts of productivity. That translates into having the kinds of jobs that American businesses are “farming” out to Mexicans. People who perform “those kinds” of tasks will prosper financially, socially, and spiritually. “Hard work is good for the soul,” and, in case you haven’t noticed, Americans aren’t the most religiously healthy. Compassion without love-drive morals is opium for elitists. King James V of Scotland knew to spend time dressed as a peasant, even when he got beat-up by his own troops. Jesus Christ got his own hands bloody. That is why He is our King. And He still has time for you and me—that’s what He wants in being our King. Can we actually become “above” laws of life and pursuing happiness?

A fool scorns wisdom, real-life experience, and hard work—in any field, from music, to weeding the garden, or chiseling-away stone to produce a statue of David. Solomon later said that a life of luxury leads to poverty. Perhaps it’s time that we choose leaders who are not above the principals of their own founding.

Think about that… “above the principals of their own founding…” It reads like a cloaked self-destruct sequence. If Jesus Christ Himself isn’t above carpentry and self-sacrifice, then no one is. Those who think so are delusional—and they aren’t just out of touch with reality: they are actively deceiving themselves. Such so-called “Republicans” would naturally be surprised by the Tea Party movement. Grass-roots are real, with the people, and powerful. Just ask Gandhi. He wasn’t “above” spending time in the fields either. I wouldn’t fear fake Republicans, but I wouldn’t get too close to them either. When knowledgeable people willfully sets themselves to “self-destruct,” don’t interfere, it’s best to just stand back and let nature run it’s course.

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