Psychology of Demon-influenced People

Demon “possession” or demonic “influence” or being “demonized”… they may be different things, but it’s all demonic. For the purpose of this article, let’s just leave it at that.

Firstly, I believe that such demonic influence can explain the spiritual causes of a “personality disorder” which, according to Myers is A set of behavior which is characterized as inflexible and enduring maladaptive character traits that impair social functioning… yep, that probably has a demon behind it.

Think of it as a wild animal backed into a corner. You start talking sense and someone gets angry, loses all rationality, and you almost expect them to start barking like a dog at any moment. Maybe someone isn’t in that state, but you know they could go into it at any time.

Those are the clues. But what how can we understand it?

Ironically, or perhaps not so ironically, Rush Limbaugh’s explanation of Liberal thinking fits with this perfectly.  · · · →

Watchman Nee and…

Someone asked Watchman Nee in China, 1947: “If a servant of the Lord from another Christian group gives us more or higher spiritual light, do we receive it?”

Watchman Nee thought for a while and then said: “God did not give us all the light. If somebody gives us more light, we should be very glad to receive it!”

Watchman Nee was a Christian leader of the Church in China and founder of the Local Church movement, which began in China. Much has been said about Watchman, including a statement made by Congressman Christopher Smith (NJ-04) on July 30, 2009 in the first session of the 111th Congress.

As Hank Hanegraaff of the Christian Research Institute explains in the video, the Local Church movement has some of the most exemplary Christians in the world. I personally can attest to this statement since I, too, have traveled and seen Christians in several locations in this movement and held regular fellowship with them.  · · · →

Local Church Movement and Today

The Local Church movement of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee has been the source of much controversy over the last century, since the movement began in China, before the Communist revolution of Mao Zedong. Though there is room for improvements to the movement—as the Body of Christ remains an unfinished work of the Lord until His return—it offers significant insight into an understanding of healthy structure for many aspects of ministry function.

I have met with living witnesses who knew Nee and Lee very well. I have been given privileged information which I have been asked not to publish out of personal respect. While my sources shall remain anonymous, and while I will defend the credibility of my claims because that would compromise their anonymity, the reader must understand that I have had many talks and cups and cups of coffee with some of the oldest living Christians who were there in the beginning with Nee and Lee.  · · · →

For Us

With all God did for us

He’s the best for us.

Gave His Son for us,

Made the sun for us,

Wrote the plans for us,

And instructs for us:

Name His House of Prayer for us.

Satan lept for us,

But He came for us,

Died and rose for us.

His heart burns for us.

I can’t speak for us;

He intercedes for us.

So, I’ll pray for us,

’til His Kingdom comes…

…for us.  · · · →