Response to IHOPKC Critique

The above video is available on Youtube. For a good introduction to Mike Bickle, founder of IHOPKC, you can go to Below is my response this video. You may want to watch the video and read this along with it…

IHOPKC frequently teaches that prophets are not perfect and that everyone has sin before they go to be with the Lord. The Lord can speak through a person who can then go sin. That is not the Lord endorsing the sin nor is it the sin removing God’s permission to speak through sinful people or even donkeys. Trust God, not the prophet. This is said regularly and is evident in their culture.

Bob Jones was removed from IHOPKC shortly after this incident. In the early days of Jone’s relationship with Bickle, Jones said that he was “injured” and would not remain with Bickle’s ministry forever.

Paul Cain was removed from their fellowship swiftly after the homosexual situation had been discovered.  · · · →

Dear Holy Rolling Evangelical Absolutists

I’m breaking up with you.

It’s hard to imagine the mind of people who are so convinced that everything they say and do is, literally, 100% from God. I tolerated it for several years, thinking you mistook superlatives (like ‘best’, ‘most’, and other words that often end in ‘-est’) for comparatives (like ‘better’, ‘more’, and other words that often end in ‘-er’). But now I can see that you actually believe this. You genuinely believe that your walk with Christ is best at “100% God, 0% you”. That may be true for you, but not for the rest of us.

Do you actually expect me to believe that your blogs are 100% God’s voice through you, not even reflecting your own style in the least? If that were true, then “God” (as you call it) is long-winded and makes many grammatical errors, but only when “God” talks through you. God does talk to us today, He has prophets, but you seem to think that Prophecy is comparable to a kind of “Holy demon possession”.  · · · →

God’s Judgement Merely Removes what Hinders Love

That’s not to say that God’s Judgement is only ever fluff-and-stuff, but that even harsh-SOUNDING words from God are ALWAYS rooted in love.

Many non-Christians AND CHRISTIANS don’t understand this—hating harshness OR hating harshly.

The key to knowing whether a word is truly from God isn’t in whether it’s fluffy or harsh, but whether it’s in-touch with God’s heart.  · · · →