A REAL critique of IHOPKC

Dear International House of Prayer in Kansas City:

Critiques come best from friends.

You are rich with potential. You have done so many things that the Church needs. You have kept the flame on the altar. You have not caved to pressure from culture spare one thing.

The Great Commission is not yet complete. The Church is full of corruption and bad teaching, which you yourselves have tried to confront over the past few years. Not every Christian enjoys the convenience of being able to rubber stamp the pulpit. The obligation placed on Christians to “attend anywhere as long as you attend” led them to leaders such as Rob Bell when nothing might have been preferable.

The young preachers, especially over the past few weeks, have been exceptionally sharp-tongued in critiquing so-called “churchless Christians”. Have you not considered that the purpose and the funding of your webstreams depend directly on the idea that there is still more work to be done?  · · · →

Response to IHOPKC Critique

The above video is available on Youtube. For a good introduction to Mike Bickle, founder of IHOPKC, you can go to bickle.prayerproject.us. Below is my response this video. You may want to watch the video and read this along with it…

IHOPKC frequently teaches that prophets are not perfect and that everyone has sin before they go to be with the Lord. The Lord can speak through a person who can then go sin. That is not the Lord endorsing the sin nor is it the sin removing God’s permission to speak through sinful people or even donkeys. Trust God, not the prophet. This is said regularly and is evident in their culture.

Bob Jones was removed from IHOPKC shortly after this incident. In the early days of Jone’s relationship with Bickle, Jones said that he was “injured” and would not remain with Bickle’s ministry forever.

Paul Cain was removed from their fellowship swiftly after the homosexual situation had been discovered.  · · · →