Nacho Sauce

Nacho sauce makes nachos boss.
What do yours wear so they never get lost?

Whatever you toss with your macho bits,
it’s not your loss how my nacho sits.

Take them as creamy, sort them all nice,
cook them up steamy, or even with rice!

Eat them in Italy, or in a hickory,
or in a slippery, flickery wok!

Nachos with salsa are saucy and glossy,
cheesy and gleamy feel flossy and outright naughty!

Don’t show a care what your nachos must wear,
rated or baited or eat them plain naked!

Cilantro avocado or ranch El Dorado,
freshly or oily or smeared guacamole!

Olives, onions—red, green, black, or white,
no telling what makes your nacho delight.

Drape them with beans or beef that’s not lean,
jalapeños that scream and then make you dream.

Cheddar or mozz, or Swiss if you’re bold,
Colby or Jack, or both if you’re told.

Microwave’s easy, just turn them each minute,
or bake them ‘til golden in brick ovens molten.

No measured portion, and sharing’s for heroes,
take custom, take common, but don’t take what’s not yo’s!

Make them for glory, for boar, Whig, or Tory.
Don’t set them near doggy or he’ll make you sorry.

So long as you wash and no one gets cross,
be the big boss of your nacho sauce.