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Mom’s mad: “Something in the food and water?”

…Church DOES have authority to stamp what is true and false, but only in ecumenical assembly, NOT via pre-approved leaders on a day-by-day basis.

Pope… Environmentalism and Dorothy Day…

…Why ask whether the Pope is good or bad as an alleged “Environmentalist” in the first place? Pundits are the new American hero. Don’t be a pundit all the time. Learn, live your own life.

…I read his speech… http://time.com/4048176/pope-francis-us-visit-congress-transcript/

…Environment: I glazed his encyclical. He mentions “mother earth” a few times in reference to literature, not as a primary message, including St. Francis of Assisi. He encourages technology, wise use of natural resource, and forethought. He points out that the Amazon jungle doesn’t have the protection that US national parks do, which is true and is a big issue in Brazil. I don’t see “green agenda”, which is that everyone kill their air conditioners, ride bicycles, and run around like Natives in the movie Avatar. I don’t see “love the earth” either. Instead, I see technology, “dominion” over the earth as God’s Image, I see wise use use of resources. The American Left wants us to worship the earth and suffer while the Republicrats either want us to do the same or else ignore environmental issues altogether. The Pope offers a perspective we all should agree with since it’s about promoting quality of life, advancing technology, and having clean air for St. Peter’s sake!

…Politics, Immigration, and Economics: I don’t see interference, with the nations issues. I don’t see a call to amnesty, but a call to sobriety and charity. We can and should guard the border, keep the bad people out, send the bad people home, and revamp our laws—all with a spirit of love for everyone, not from a spirit of hatred toward anyone. He treated capitalism, free enterprise, and the history of immigration well. Our first visit to the country was bad. Still it’s hard to judge the past by the standards of our day. And Christ is stronger than any numbers that appear to overwhelm us. I myself have lived in Asia almost seven years and found the need to learn to love people who are different from ourselves.

…Dorthy Day did not promote Communism. Some have commented about her calling the American system somewhat Fascist. Crony Capitalism is soft-handed, de facto Fascism. There is an attempt to have companies control the government through lobbying groups. Right or wrong, she’s not Stalin; she’s Catholic and a controversial Catholic at that. Of course the Pope mentioned her, along with Lincoln, the founder of the true Republican Party, MLK Jr., the founder of the Civil Rights movement, and Thomas Merton, another Catholic who didn’t like war, which everyone seems to have a taste for.

…Go read some Dorothy Day quotes.

…He called for the sanctity of life to be protected. He wouldn’t do that if he was in Obama’s pocket. If you think he’s all Liberal, then just see how much they agree with you.

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