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What Really Unites Us

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# Obama, China, military

Bloomberg View opinion article about Obama limiting the action the US Navy could take in the sail-by in the South China Sea… In my limited understanding as a civilian, Obama’s decision makes sense to me. The mission was “sail-by”. Obama only wanted that. The US did something and we have power and peace. Mission accomplished. But, with the Pentagon frustrated, this indicates that they are controlled. There isn’t cooperation between the Pentagon and the WH. So, I see two topics here, not just one. 1. How to deal directly with China’s islands and 2. how to cooperate with the Pentagon.

# Debate

Kept feeling like there were many more promises being made. Everyone knows what the people want, except the two amnesty governors who want to snub the honest immigrants. Kasich kept forcing his way into more mic time; of course he wants to reward immigrants who force their way in.

I have no intention of expecting that the promises they make will happen merely by electing them. I’m continuing to tell myself that this isn’t over with a presidential vote; we need to fire Congress and get all new leaders and micromanage every politician’s voting record until everything happens.

Rubio used classic Establishment demagoguery, acting as if he was the only Republican candidate who wanted a strong military. In Rubio, only see Harvard, a man who betrayed his supporters by welcoming cheater-immigrants, the young man that Jeb wanted to be. Called-out funding of enemies in Syria as part of the same “no fly zone” crowd, like a disgruntled defector selling-out his former crony. I don’t trust him. Though he says good things, I only see him trying to gain credibility that his Bush-amnesty history destroyed.

# Paypal email: 3 reasons to use Paypal. Did it include locking my old account because I’m out of the country, but opening another account let me make purchases? Did it include that they charge through the nose? No. All consumer-obsessed “free stuff”: free return shipping, “purchase protection” (whatever that means), and virtual COD; things that make Indigogo, Kickstarter, and Simple payments much better options for both merchants and customers.

# Came up this week… High standards I have for my goals and aspirations. I don’t aspire to be powerful, but only to be worthy of whatever responsibility I have right now. I want to be the best I can and I use my imagination to see how good my “best” truly can be.

A fundamental worldview difference: bad-to-good v good-to-great. AKA: broken-to-fixed v nothing-to-something. AKA wrong-to-correct v current-to-improvement. Some things need fixing and correcting, but not always. By abandoning the “broken” prerequisite, the mind is free to imagine and target higher standards.

# Day of reckoning….

Everyone needs to look into who they really are, every religious and political framework. Clergy are a “class” who will be called out on the carpet for their mandate of money and manpower whereby they recruit Christians to depend on a sector that SCOTUS needs to regulate. The Bible does not teach to have a ruling class within the Church. Without that class, SCOTUS won’t even care. Other countries and religious also need to be honest about their own position on elitism.

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