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Prelude to Conflict: Asia, March 23 | Symphony

The Desk:

WAR: Decision to end the Prelude and convene the Cadence. We are IN Pacific conflict NOW. A fellow Editor in Chief agrees. He speculated that China will use this as an excuse to invade Myanmar and build a railway through Yunnan to get a presence in the Indian Ocean. There is speculation that China is meddling heavily inside Myanmar anyway. This week is my interpretation of when the Southeast Asian War began.

Four years ago: Asia has two years, America has five years—get out of the clerical system. Now, in Asia, it’s life vest time, lifeboat time is over. Life vest time won’t last long. America still has one year of lifeboat time, after that, life vest is the only option. Get out of the clerical system. American pastors can still make a smooth transition to something better, monitor investments. Asian pastors, the best bet is to quit the profession and moonlight at McD’s or something. Get out of the clerical system while you still can. About the same time live vest season ends in Asia, life boat season will end in America.

Books & Brands:

Still moving forward with the Internet services plan. Developer is on board. Not ready yet to announce the brand name. But this is moving from the desk to B&B.

May take sewing classes.

News & Politics:

China: Take, not make; have, not grow; get, not give; results: bestowed, not earned.

Refugees fleeing Myanmar to Yunnan, where they grow Pu-Erh tea.

Tax, police, economic rules… growing irritation. Conflict in America is coming.

Taiwan is at the place in the story when Gandalf enters Minas Tirith during the siege.


This week:

HK-IHOP director

Young man crashed a vehicle, life is tough.