Until things get that bad

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Until things get that bad

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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, December 28 | Symphony

Encore of Revival: America, December 28 | Symphony

The Piel:

Millennials just make sense. The older generation has trouble understanding them because they do things from habit, not sensibility. Efficiency just makes sense. Creating fewer messes to clean up just makes sense, at home, in the environment… Efficiency just makes sense.

Donors are usually floating above the surface. The people who see the problems of an organization typically don’t have money. But the millennials will have both, which is a game changer.

Baptist President at IHOPKC: still disagrees on “secondaries”, came only because of the crisis, wants us to give hope and pray for the next great awakening in America… Encouraging words for the times, but wouldn’t have happened without the crisis.

No one does anything without a crisis! No one does things because they just make sense. Trump is uniting people who have always agreed on politics, but just didn’t know it because they didn’t talk to each other until someone stood up and said, “There’s an elephant in the living room.” Maybe I’ll support Hillary because problems in the country seem to be the only way for people to talk to each other.

The Desk:

Nothin, just travel.

Books & Brands:

New connections and cooperation.


The trusses

Obama Tip of the Week:

Don’t worry about the weather.

The Denialist: Edition 48


Blind the Baptist

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