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I love the FBI. I am quite irritated with how the FBI is handling this—whining, crying, broadcasting weakness, advertising incompetence. Equally irritated with the NSA over whining, crying, and broadcasting incompetence about Snowden. Snowden had access to info above his clearance, so his superiors actually are the leak. FBI could have gotten all they needed had they been willing to listen to the geeks we now know they need so much. All this because our government clearly wants us to know they don’t know what the heck they’re doing. For both NSA and FBI, if the directors are in charge this train wreck was their fault. If crud rolls with the buck, they don’t run their own organizations. Either way, they both should resign without retirement. We need competent management that listens to the kids who know tech.

About crying about Trump… Conservatives didn’t cry this much about Obama! This isn’t about values, it’s about their culture being violated.

This is another example of why I say that the pastor SYSTEM—not the good people in it—is the cause of so many problems! Pastors spend money, they don’t make money! So, no wonder so many Sunday morning Christians have the same skill set. And, no wonder they don’t understand people who know how to make lots of money.

No wonder Sunday morning people complain about Trump.

Teachable moment here. I won’t trumpet Trump forever. But I do believe God is using Trump as a “trumpet” to wake America up somehow, some way or another.

I was recently talking with a friend about Trump. Complaints about Trump are that of a child in rebellion. There are stronger ways to complain against Trump, though the cons still don’t stand up to the pros if not going bankrupt is our goal. People who think the cons outweigh the pros don’t seem to understand the cons or the pros. They are like angry children, throwing a fit while their daddy says what they don’t want to hear. And the nation needs to hear a lot of unpleasant truth right now.

As for being trustworthy, there don’t seem to be any business partners angry at Trump. There are losers and enemies. But dishonest people usually have “friends” who have been given the shaft. Trump doesn’t seem to have anyone willing to say, “He promised me the moon, then gave me one,” probably because he doesn’t do that.

We all tend to fear that Trump will turn on us once in office because that’s what normal politicians do. Typically irrational, fear doesn’t understand what it fears.

Let’s review some critiques:

Trump gave money to his New York Senator, Hillary, like the rich bought the RINOS. Who bought who? The Sunday morning Cruz cult doesn’t know. Thanks to Trump donations, Hillary probably did less harm.

Trump wasn’t on-record as Senators and Congressmen are in opining against Iraq because he’s not a politicians. Though, he was on the air saying we should have finished the job the first time and shrugging a concession about understanding why W did part II—hardly a support of Iraq II or the Bush family, and hardly a flop. He probably spoke against Iraq II around the dinner table like most Americans do. Sadly, Glenn Beck couldn’t figure that out.

Trump worked with the mafia in New York. I understand because I lived in Chicago. Mafia is anywhere and nowhere. You can’t not deal with them in these big cities. If you want to share Jesus with mafia you have to talk to mafia. The point is, Trump is not himself a mobster. Sunday morning idealists can’t figure this out. They are too busy being of the world, but not in it.

I have been listening to Glenn Beck try to explain why Trump is bad, after I wrote the Symphony for the Times this week, and I’m more convinced that I was right than ever about the Cruz-ers. Beck, and his yes-men, all critique Trump from the perspective of reaching and weak idealist theory; Exhibit A. Beck is a Mormon who lives in a social bubble, like Sunday morning attenders who don’t have much money and struggle to share Jesus with their friends.

Jesus taught us to judge by fruit. We are IN DEPT beyond what is fathomable, which is why bank accounts don’t collect much interest: all the interest is eaten up by gimmicks to prop up our failing economy. America needs money. Who’s gonna’ make money?—A politician or pastor who lives off of donations, like Cruz or Rubio who should stay in the Senate?

I believe Trump will increase the police state aspect of the country, but Americans will wake up anyway. Then, what? Being awake, we survive and overcome. But the weak presumptions of Sunday morning Churchianity doesn’t think like that. America wakes up and survives via Trump. Then, we overcome whatever mess comes that way, rather than being crushed by a combination of ISIS and the banks, which none of the donation-dependent leaders know how to conquer.

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Obama Tip of the Week:

Review last weeks Obama tip. It is a good idea to have Conservatives in your debt. Appoint a Conservative judge because your demonstrable heroes Sun Tsu and Machiavelli would tell you to. If you don’t demonstrate that you know power, people will think you are weak, everywhere.

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