Progress and Prejudice

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The Piel:

Got two sites up and going this week:

Instagram account going nuts.

Watching a lot of live Trump speeches.

Dear James:

A lot of homosexuality isn’t homosexual. Rather, many normal, non-sexual, good activities get labeled as such by homophobes—proper swimwear, the color pink, good clothes, touch, listening, crying, art, music, introspection, dance, healthy touch, body contact, and the internationally known in-born desire to have some level of being naked with your friends—Asian spas, European saunas, and many things in America from skinny dipping to the athletic showers, not to mention health clubs. All these normal things were branded “queer” in the 90’s and, rather than questioning the premise of faulty-phobic definitions, everyone questioned God.

In sum, I really think you’re normal. I’ve heard what you’ve said. I’ve heard what a lot of people have said. You’re normal. But, you’ll never know how normal you are, nor live up to your potential, if you can’t get sex off your mind.

Do not go on any quest to look for that “special someone”, be it male, female, same sex or opposite. Honor God. Love Him first and last. When you are worthy, He will bring helpers to you, maybe even “the” helper to partner with you until death. But you must prove patient and demonstrate priorities. God does not want any friend to become an idol, lest you demand of each other what no human can give.

The Denialist: Edition 58