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People’s Party Validated

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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, December 14 | Symphony

Encore of Revival: America, December 14 | Symphony

The Piel:

# Trump

## From my Facebook timeline:

I am NOT opining on support for Donald J. Trump. But there is such a thing as a factual error. It is remarkably easy to distinguish the cliffnote slackers from the students who actually read the book. ‪#‎amazedAtIgnorance‬

Never never never never conclude ANYTHING based on ANY soundbites… because other people will outsmart you and take your Cheetos.

That’s it. You’ve been warned. I’m taking people’s Cheetos now, lol

## Not criticizing Muslims, because Muslims support him. He is criticizing Congress for not knowing what the “h*ll” is going on!

### Only temporary

### Only in-bound

### Only non-citizens

### Only to our country

## Problem: Trump is not changing America nor is he controlling America; he is proving how many people think the same way.

## If he is somehow unable to run for the election, 1,000 more like him will pop up out of nowhere and their supporters will eclipse the number of supporters he has now.

# Why no fear: Enemies want America strong.

## If America breaks down into chaos, the Christians will sweep the power of the nation over night because the God of Israel will help the supporters of Israel, and the entire world’s game will change. Not even Satan wants America to be destroyed, which would result in the Church having that power. So, none of America’s semi-competent enemies want that either. So, don’t fear.

# Need less fighting in America, ie guns

## Most Americans agree on not wanting terror watchlist folk to be able to buy guns. Gun dealers don’t want to sell guns to terror suspects. We all would like to know who we can trust. THAT was the Second Amendment concept: Everyone carries guns; police and gun-trained gun-carrying honest citizens are best friends.

## The problem is WHO will make those gun laws. With dishonesty demonstrated in things like the Fast and Furious scandal, Conservatives don’t trust Liberals to make those laws.

## Conservatives tend to carry the guns, not Liberals. So, the gun carriers probably want gun carriers to make the gun carrying and gun buying laws. This is similar to farmers wanting farmers to write farmer laws, plumbers to write plumbing laws, drivers to write driving laws, et cetera.

## And, if there were less talk about non-gun carriers trying to boss around the gun carriers, everyone would probably feel better about letting the government track which nameless phone numbers dial out to which nameless phone numbers.

## Generally, we just need to look at what we are really arguing about. We’re not. And that is America’s bigger problem.

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Obama Tip of the Week:

Don’t do a press conference this week. Trump is too popular for anyone to get through. Next week should be fine, though.

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