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This Week:

My “Black olives matter” photo drew some criticism earlier this week. I’m “making fun”. How dare I! Liberals “care about” people. So, they don’t have fun. Right?

My thoughts on the “Black lives matter” campaign: Everyone’s wrong. I see hateful people shouting down Bernie Sanders from stage—though they weren’t from the official “Black lives matter” group. It is a violent way of thinking. “All lives matter” shouldn’t make anyone feel invalidated or angry.

At the same time, there does seem to be a deficiency in general police intuition about profiling. Profiling is necessary. The alternative is Nazism. But profiling must be accurate. And we don’t have enough White cops who know enough good Black folk. That is not a “police” problem; it’s a “police training” problem.

So, does the “Black” in “Black lives matter” deserve some special emphasis? Yes. But “all” lives also matter. If we hate “all lives”, then we’ll have a lot of fighting.

“Black lives matter” is becoming a drama that everyone is over-reacting to. Few slice to the deeper issues. Stress is everywhere. And the need to love everyone—with special mention of Blacks at this point in history—should promote love. “Black lives matter” is about love, isn’t it? So, why can’t we be happy? Why assume that motives are birthed in anger?

I was feeling a little under the weather this week. I had a craving for some black olives. The craving probably won’t be there next week. I don’t hate green olives. And I saw a similar picture on Facebook. I though the love in my heart gave an opportunity for a break from all the anger.

I’m not an angry, bitter person. I’m a Christian who has fellowship all week and works on Sunday, the first day of the week. I rest on the Sabbath because I remember it. I believe in making good rules and keeping them. I believe in hard, consistent, smart work, and the success that comes from it. I believe police deserve respect as they obey laws above them. Everyone is under a law, even the law is under the Constitution. Even the Constitution is under the people who can change it. I believe in peace and patience. And angry, hate-filled people have trouble understanding me. So, they always assume that I’m as angry as they are.

The Desk:

I didn’t finish my list of things to do. But, I got other important stuff done. I had a server go bad and found some important bugs. One day, I hope to share my servers with everyone.

Books & Brands:

More work on editing Know Each Other.

Another book coming out in a few weeks.

Working on hosting solutions for copywriters.

The Denialist is updated this week to version 32. I wrote three extra editions. Podcast episode 132 has The Denialist edition 32. And I hope to keep it that way for the math whizes and accountants. God loves accountants.

The Denialist: Edition 29

The Denialist: Edition 30

The Denialist: Edition 31

The Denialist: Edition 32


Black olives matter… much more than green or red olives.

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