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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, October 26 | Symphony

Encore of Revival: America, October 26 | Symphony

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A conflict in the Pacific would likely pivot on a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Tainan, Taiwan is a strategic military city for a Chinese invasion. It has a large landing beach and some of the strongest opposition to the ever more highly unpopular pro-Beijing Establishment in Taiwan. The Speaker of City Council in Tainan is convicted of buying the votes from the controlling party in order to get his position. When the charges were made against him, he went to the airport to catch a flight bound for China with eight suitcases, explaining that it was just a short visit. The police stopped him and he was found guilty. While pending his appeal, he still holds the Speakership of City Council. What is his end-game? He is third-in-line for the Tainan Mayor. And Paul Ryan also wants to be third-in-line for President, three years after his bid for second-in-line for President failed. What is it with all of these third-in-line seats for strategic executives?

Witchcraft viral, what nobody seems to say…

Witchcraft and America…

Failed Obama plans… Benghazi, Syria, Fast & Furious…

Witchcraft fails on Christians as much as Obama’s plans fail within America.

I don’t know witchcraft. But I know the real thing that witchcraft counterfeits. “Effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.”

…”Much”, not “always”… no prayers are answered 100%… no one bats 1,000 except God.

…”Effectual”, not “practice” nor “exercise” nor “rehearsal”, but real… real prayers from a real praying person will naturally become stronger.

…”Fervent”, not “once in a while”, but continuous, frequent… frequency and regularity are a natural part of becoming stronger and improving at something… someone who prays effectually and fervently will naturally have stronger, more powerful prayer as time progresses.

…”Righteous” or “fair” or “just”, not “any Christian”… This is only for people who live by the golden rule: one standard, standard for others and for self is the same standard… people who live by this will understand this… so, their prayers will be fair, just, equal-focused prayers, not “favoritist” or “cronyist”… so, those just and fair prayers are more likely to be answered by the just and fair God.

I understand this kind of praying. So, I understand witchcraft, which has the “avails much” and the “fervency”, but not the “effectual” or “righteous” since they have many “test” or “for entertainment” exercises, usually to entice new recruits, and they base their power on hurting others through injustice in order to “steal” power from others to gain power for themselves. Witchcraft is based on a zero-sum game view of life, which is why someone who demonstrates a zero-sum game worldview likely is either a willing participant in witchcraft or is influenced by witchcraft without being aware of it.

“Having confidence” and “envisioning the future” are very different from either “nameitclaimit” or “belief in God”. “Seeing the future to create it” is not about magically making something happen, but about having the road map to actually know where you are going. “Having confidence” is normal. However, there is a lot of teaching on “seeing the future to make it happen” and “believe in yourself”, which actually just teaches people to be normal. People believe that they can walk when they walk. Knowing where you will drive to get where you want is also normal. But, people need special teaching about these two ideas because there is so much “belief in can’t” and “belief in doubt” and “refusal to plan” and “noncommittal dedication”. The “belief in doubt” is cultivated automatically by institutionalizing anything… job, teaching, Christian fellowship. “Noncommittal” attitudes are people who just don’t want to grow up, kept immature by too much entertainment and by parents and teachers who don’t take their jobs and commitments seriously, break their vows, and use their jobs as a way to get other stuff. Usually, lack of confidence and vision is a result of witchcraft; it is never normal, no matter how common it seems to be.

From this, I recognize witchcraft. It harms others, but not Christians who don’t cooperate with witchcraft. (Christians are not always protected from witchcraft, but they can be if they refuse to participate in it. Power over it doesn’t mean they can’t thrown the game and lose on purpose or lose because of really foolish choices.)

This “doom and gloom” stuff against America is a method of witchcraft. It is a from of “nameitclaimit”, first popularized by Napoleon Hill in what I call “conjured faith”. “Faith” is actually belief in a promise or strength that someone else is responsible for. “Believing God” means telling God, “I believe what You said.” It is not telling God, “I believe what I told you.” That is “belief that God will obey you.” We can say, “I believe that you listen to what I tell you,” and that is belief. But “believing” and “faith” (the same) are not our way of dangling God on a string, using prayer to get whattheheckever we want out of Him. “Belief in God” has a basis, which is supplied by God. And witchcraft explicitly seeks to supply the basis for belief by the person ostensibly “believing”.

“Nameitclaimit” is an old method of witchcraft. This is why Christians who teach that method have so much disappointment. It creates confusion where miracles are concerned. Praying is always great. But knowing that prayer is answered based on God’s promise, not our belief in what we want, makes prayers much more likely to avail.

This “doom and gloom to America” is a method of witchcraft because it seeks to get people to believe in their own demise. God is calling His people to pray and do what is fair at the same time that evil is trying to get so-called “smart Americans” to think that America’s destruction is inevitable and either give up and surrender to their demise or else run away and try to escape from it. Lord Denithor in the Return of the King is an example.

Both calls are coming at the same timeā€”evil’s call of witchcraft to get people to think their doom is unavoidable and God’s call for America to repent and stop doing so many stupid things. Based on how Obama’s plans with Benghazi, Syria, and Fast & Furious flopped, and based on how witchcraft doesn’t work against Christians who refuse to cooperate, doom in America is not inevitable. We have a choice. If we turn on our brains we will thrive in the days ahead.

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If people ignore your executive orders, keep making more until people obey some of them. #showOfStrength #neverGiveUp

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