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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, November 2 | Symphony

Encore of Revival: America, November 2 | Symphony

This Week:

Christians boycotting Halloween… only if you can pray miracles to happen more than 0% of the time.

The CNBC debate… Who on God’s green earth watches CNBC? And who will ever want to watch them after this?

…As a writer, podcaster, and a public speaker… You tend to be less stupid when you realize that you have a large audience.

…Limbaugh: “The questions are the bullets.” Questions are accusations. In stating the accusatory question, they think they win no matter what happens after. This is the psychology of an accuser.

Cruz smarts… a view of what the framers were like, eidetic memory

Wesley Martin left IHOPKC (Video)

…A few months ago, I mentioned him over his remarks about an “anything goes” Christianity as the only reason he explained for people not following a professional pastor. Now, he left IHOPKC to go be a pastor in St. Louis. So, a few things about centrally-planned Churchianity…

Data Residency, Data Sovereignty and the Mad Scramble (ownCloud, quote below)

…ownCloud is not about protecting information from government search warrants, but from snooping corporations. It is used internationally, but each user contains his own data. So, “sharing information” across borders, within the same company, involving different laws, never happens. It is decentralized. It is managed by individuals, not central servers. Here is a quote from their blog earlier this month…

In real terms, the Wall Street Journal suggests that 4,500 US tech companies will be directly impacted including any of the large cloud services:  Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box and more.  The implications are a bit overwhelming as companies of all sizes scramble to realize and overcome the huge barrier that seems to be interpreted differently on respective sides of the pond.   The Snowden revelations are cited in the court ruling as clear signals that data of European Citizens is not protected in the same way inside the European Union compared with the United States.

And, this is not the first—nor last—iteration.  The Canadian Government passed the Digital Privacy Act in June of this year which built upon the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) legislation that is similarly designed to protect PII and put companies on the hook for where data is stored and its relative security.  There is a lot of talk of risk and trying to assign it accordingly.

But, let’s take this back to the user and the (perhaps) prescient view we took on this topic four years ago.  We have always believed that data residency and data sovereignty matter.  And so do our customers and users.  When the control plane for your file sync and share solution as well as the data, files and documents live on-premise, you get to control your data.  Period.  That means key management, metadata, access control and all the associated file info lives in your own data center and not under the microscope of others. If you’re a multi-national corporation or you have multiple data sites that cross borders, your compliance needs may be different at each location.  This is where federated cloud sharing gets really interesting.  Each ownCloud instance retains its own control plane with discrete management and yet may share with other ownCloud deployments.  In compliance, without compromise, without missing out on the innovation and convenience that end-users demand.

Today, ownCloud and its customers are not scrambling.

…Attending Sunday morning is no different. While SCOTUS’ decision on pairrage, as well as future decisions on tax exemption of non-profits, has left people scrambling, I’m not scrambling at all. I have strong Christian fellowship—not the kind Communist Russia would have liked nor the kind that doesn’t allow discussion about controversial topics. But I have the kind of Christian fellowship that Americans like to praise the Chinese Church for: real, organic, committed, non-centralized, lasting, growing, and strong. Call it foresight. Call it a nose for the inroads created by tax exemption. Call it luck. Call it heresy. Call it what you want. I am not scrambling.

The Desk:

Looking at info hub linking methods.

Books & Brands:


…ubuntu scripts, to help get things all set up. is getting a facelift

Obama Tip of the Week:

Don’t eat uncooked meat, even if it is left out to dry.

The Denialist: Edition 40


The best way to spend Halloween. Undress and work out… And, with friends.

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