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Don’t Panic, Bounce

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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, August 24 | Symphony

Encore of Revival: America, August 24 | Symphony

The Desk:

Got phone back

New SSD for notebook… Installing Win 8 needs nothing special, just make it from the MS homepage in about 5x the time to make a kubuntu installation

Set up a new desktop xubuntu machine

Discovered Ghost at

Seriously thinking about learning node.js

Books & Brands:

Edits on the way, having trouble getting it uploaded properly.

More coming.


Money panic, not yet time to jump.

China money… trumped by media for months and months…

Don’t panic about Korea either. China is not interested in helping N Korea.

Something’s not right…

The media and RNC Establishment are both playing into Trump’s hands by acting so foolish. Walker and Cruz are genuine because they are acting like “me too” wannabe’s (credit to Rush for ‘me too’). Jeb acts like a baby whose candy has been taken away. Is he really doing this on purpose?

Hillary… Who is releasing info about her Sec. of State emails? The same administration that put her as Sec. of State. This is the “keep your friends close, your enemies closer” strategy in play. Did Obama know this all would happen or that the Clinton’s would at least do something bad that would be easier to expose if she was working for Obama as Sec. of State?

Is this inside party rivalry at its best? Has Obama’s 8-year plot to destroy Hillary not slowed down in time enough to respond to Trump? The Obama administration and RNC scripted Establishment both seem to be helping Trump simply by sticking to their scripts and not responding to the changes.

And, Trump wants to get Snowden back, calling him a “traitor”—essentially NSA rhetoric. Prosecuting Snowden would create problems for the NSA since Snowden wasn’t security cleared for much if not all of the info the NSA gave him access to in the first place. Trump seems to be as blind to that as the NSA. But, I think Trump is just speaking as a boss who respects cops and as a government leader who doesn’t accept a foreign government offering amnesty to a man wanted in his own country.

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