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Tried something new: I said, “That’s enough coding for today. I’ll take a break.”

Got Ghost working! …Apache with SSL!

Super Tuesday is tomorrow. Hold your nose.

I’ve noticed: people are busier. I think God is making us more productive, to get more done in less time. So, keep all those extra plans on your table.

Isaiah 18 and 35 came to me over the past few weeks. They are all about confidence in God’s power to keep his promises and the need to encourage people who are scared.

Introducing the Dear James segment of the podcast…

Dear James:

I hope by now that you have noticed something. Anti-Trumpsters tend to be Churchianity Cruzers. They perform every week and believe their performances are reality. They don’t understand a powerful love. They totally contort Trump’s positions like they misrepresent each other’s denominations every day. Truly Biblically literate people have heard enough good preachers to know that the British say “Two Corinthians”, which is how I have said it since my days at Moody. Trump never said women are pigs. He referred to on person as a pig, who happens to be a lady whom most Christian mothers never let their children watch on TV. They gossip about her, but they are angry if someone stands up to her. Who are the actual “lovers of self”?

Churchianity presumes wimpiness, fear, and placating—and anyone who doesn’t do those things is accused of being arrogant. Truly humble people don’t care about someone else’s arrogance. The Sunday morning Churchianity Anti-Trump cult just cries and whines, using the weakest arguments against Trump. They are as effective at getting new Anti-Trump converts as they are at getting new Jesus converts or cross-denominational recruits. They evidently don’t believe in a God who is loving and powerful because they are always whining and never winning. They’ve been running the country, which Trump says, “…doesn’t win anymore.” No wonder they are angry at him.

There is, my dear James, a kind of wealth through being poor in spirit and strength through confident weakness. But these are not the same as poverty and being a spineless coward who can only fight with fingernails.

Love without power is placating and power without love is hatred. Paul writes of the end times in 2 Tim 3:5, “Men will cling to a form of godliness while denying its power.” Revelation 21:8 denounces cowardliness before any other sin.

If you can’t put power and love together then Trump will scare you—without power you will fear him now, without love you will be angry at him in the future. Trump does trip alarms for me. But, alarms don’t scare me because I know that my loving, powerful God, who can speak through donkeys, can also use Trump to keep America here so America can be around to help Israel. This is about strategic strength—a new idea for many people. And, when Trump’s work is finished, God will put the next ass to the plow.

I have noticed that successful people follow a Biblical principle and judge situations and people by fruit. If we judge via fruit, then we can see two things: 1. America’s situation is in deep deep deep deep deep trouble and 2. Trump is the least incompetent donkey on the farm.

In economics, politics, press, and technology, we need to learn to sort out these problems by recognizing fruit. That’s a hangup we all struggle with in America.

Obama Tip of the Week:

Try an apple.

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