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The Piel:

Found an awesome positive thinking coach dude, actually in line with Avenue.Guru‘s positive thinking framework: Charisma on Command

Launched all the websites as promised… Unfinished, but there for the growth. Follow their progress:

Goals now:

  • Continue dev of these brands
  • Educational projects and videos (too many people are asking me to teach them stuff)
  • Then finish my eBook: Avenue Guru, to explain the posters

Dear James:

I know you wanted a presidential candidate you could believe in. That’s exactly the kind of thinking that got America into this situation. Don’t you think, as a Christian, you should believe in God, not Man? And, as a Constitutional Conservative, don’t you remember that the Constitution has so many checks and balances because no politician can ever be as trustworthy as you hope for?

There was one candidate whom I didn’t like—in fact I strongly objected to—for the presidential nomination, but I also strongly support him for the Supreme Court. Some people think that I contradict myself. Perhaps I’m just more sober about my opinions, finding the right man for the right job.

When a guy on the street asked Franklin, just after the Constitutional Convention, “What hath you wrought?” Franklin didn’t say, “A republic, if you can get a trustworthy politician to keep it for you.” No, he said, “A republic, if YOU can keep it.

Rather than whining and crying about other people not doing a good job, maybe you should do a good job yourself. If you don’t like the politicians, maybe you should become one and show everyone how it’s done. But, before you can do that, think about something else…

Don’t you think it’s odd that you placed so much hope in a candidate who didn’t have the stuff to get the nomination? I mean, really? You didn’t know which players to bet on?

Jesus is REAL. That means that, among a great deal of other things, he actually wins. When Jesus tries something, it works. He didn’t lose at the cross, he won because his enemies didn’t know all the rules involved. He got his hands dirty and bloody, but not with other people’s blood—his own. He is good at stuff because he actually does work; he doesn’t just whine about what other people do and don’t do.

Think about your thoughts and where you let your mind take you. If you really believe that Jesus is the best way, stop trying to look for a Jesus replacement to be your president for you. YOU be like Jesus YOURSELF: Work. Get in the game. Get your hands dirty and bloody with your own blood, not other people’s. And start cheering for people who can actually win at what they do.

The Denialist: Edition 63


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