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Had a dream about Obama. Read the post here. Several things happened. “Love” was the theme. It seems as if God had a prophetic message to him because, in the dream I said, “‘Change’ was your promise, and ‘change’ is God’s promise; their plan has been changed and your plan will not happen. You will change.”

Dear James:

Several weeks ago, I also saw the video of a pastor who complained about a cake that read, “LOVE WINS FAG”. I wrote a letter to you about it. But, recently, we found out that his entire complaint was fabricated.

He didn’t lie about himself. He lied as a way to attack someone else. Technically, that’s the only type of lie forbidden in the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

In my letter to you—before we knew he lied about the entire problem—I said I didn’t believe he was a “Christian” because Christians forgive so much that they can’t get insulted. Now, I’ll add “liar” to the list of reasons, and, now, I really don’t believe he is Christian.

Here is meat of the letter I wrote to you before he confessed to lying…

…That’s fine by me if someone wants to cry, “Bloody murder!” over an insult. Insults are bad and whine can be cheesily entertaining. Either way, there is nothing to object to in his objection… except, he claimed to be a “pastor”.

I don’t think he was Christian for one basic reason: Christians get insulted that much because they have themselves been forgiven all the more.

Christianity is a path of endless persecution and continuously being misrepresented and always being smeared for things that aren’t true. Christians must have thick skin, especially since they are usually stabbed in the back by their own so-called “Christian” friends—probably not actually Christian or at least very, very immature Christians.

The term “Christian” was invented by a man in the Roman government when Christianity was being persecuted. Paul was beheaded because he wanted to talk to Caesar. Peter was crucified upside-down. And John was thrown into a vat of boiling oil before being thrown on an island where he had the vision of Revelation. You don’t hear about any of them complaining. What’s there to be angry about over a birthday cake?

Christians fearlessly love and violently forgive, without fear or offense. Christians are not perfect, but they want to be. Christians love their enemies, though they stop their enemies while speaking the truth from the overflow of their love for others.

Cowards, on the other hand, want to create a perfect world by changing everyone except themselves. They don’t speak truth because they are too afraid of it; they insist that no one say anything even remotely offensive, even when they agree that the offensive thing is the truth. They hate their enemies, yet do nothing to stop them. Cowards throw eggs and apples at their enemies, smear their enemies, gossip about their enemies, and try to devise levers against their enemies, but they never actually do what it truly takes to stop their enemies. And, Cowards are, accordingly, always angry, bitter, and petty.

Offense is a sign of cowardice; cowards and Christians are nothing alike.

While I won’t say this man is a coward, he sure was angry about being insulted. He might be a pastor, but not a role-model Christian. Christians have to shrug off insults and overcome evil with love, power, clear-mindedness, and stable emotions. If this man is angry about a cake, what would he do if terrorists broke down his front door? Maybe he is a very immature Christian or not a Christian at all. One clearly does not need to be a Christian in order to be a pastor—something that history has thoroughly established.

So, I don’t get too excited about these “Christian homosexual” arguments. I can’t speak for them, but as for me, I’m just too in love with Jesus to be distracted by either hatred or anger for anyone else.

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