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The Piel:

Quite disappointed—no new ecommerce sites…

…Prepped two

…Started back-end for a third

…Beginning talks for a fourth and fifth

Hopefully, by the time I finish these, I’ll be ready for sites six, seven, and eight.

Then, I gear-up for nine and ten to come next year while I continue writing.

My current goal is to open one new web business each week until my projects are off the shelf.

…The whole time, continuing to add content to existing projects.

Dear James:

I completely identify with your frustration. Having to change your move-in day due to no error of your own is indeed frustrating. But, I encourage you to look at two other angles. This is not so as to erase your frustration, which is indeed legitimate, but to balance your perspective, and thereby your emotions also.

You did, after all, “bank” on receiving a timely response from someone you knew was chronically tardy. At the same time, remember that the universe planned your move-in date well in advance. Nothing you could have done would have let you move in any sooner, not in this case anyway. Instead, it was your task to discern from the wisdom of ages and foresee when it was your time. No doubt, things will line-up for you anyway. People will get extra time off, just as they will enjoy the hole you created in their schedules for them. So, learn and enjoy riding the waves you make for yourself.

More importantly, remember that, since you were always going to do these things at the right time anyway, all your other plans you have lined up for what comes after—they were also intended to wait. Sometimes, things are best when we don’t force a premature happening. You might be amazed. When the time comes, no matter what it seems like the delays stole from you, your treasure will be immeasurably greater. It always turns out that way, eventually.

So, in the storms, never come unlaced.

The Denialist: Edition 60


It was the best of bats, it was the worst of bats.

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