America’s Listening Problem

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America’s Listening Problem

@PacificDT Editorial Blog:

Cadence of Conflict: Asia, May 11 | Symphony

Encore of Revival: America, May 11 | Symphony

The Desk:

Installed a feed app this week, selfoss.

Google is irritating people… #management

Still working on getting metal prints.

Books & Brands:

Revelation translation reviewed, revised, and now free, pushing to ebook stores this week: The End

The Denialist is back!

Consulting officially starts, open for business. No selling yet, just available.

T-shirt prototype is finished! Modeling shots to begin soon. Brand to be announced.

Two simmering brands that I may do something with soon.

Working on tea photos for Jesse Yonge.

News & Politics:

Article blasting Bill O’Reilly that should blast Churchianity

Bill O’Reilly: WWJD

Bill v Megan (video)

…Megan doesn’t seem to understand the difference between “not catering” and “inflaming”.

…Bill is no more defending Jihads than people who “explain” the history behind recent riots are therefore “defending” them.

…These are differences Americans don’t seem to understand.

‘Dad bod’…

“Dad bod” article

Awesome video response from Mike

Photo of 75 year old grandpa… a #real #dadbod


The Denialist: Edition 12

This week:

Tea liar, angry, ultimately because I wouldn’t buy his snake oil. I asked about products he doesn’t have, he said they don’t exist and said I wasted his time.