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The Piel:

Recording from Ubuntu today!

Finished up some web projects.

“inkVerb” is now in beta.

Moving on to Android and Ubuntu Touch development.

After that, back to writing fiction and more podcasts!

Dear James:

About this Apple fiasco that you’re all worked up about—first of all, it’s old news. Baby Boomers had a hard time understanding computers. They had an even more difficult time listening to their parents, who invented computers, and an even more difficult time, yet, listening to their children, even when it comes to understanding the computers that their parents invented. So, of course the Baby Boomers at the FBI locked themselves out of an iPhone and of course they don’t understand how to fix the problem they didn’t know they didn’t know how they created. And, of course Jeb and the gang want Apple to create something that can’t be created. They are Baby Boomers, after all. If you ever find one who listens to any generation—younger or older—send me a wire. Until then, just focus on the things you can control and be better than they.

Leaders would know what to do about Apple’s iPhone if they just took half a semester of a computer code class. I also think we’d be better off, dear James, if older generations set a good example and listened to younger generations more. While others won’t learn, you can. While others won’t listen, you can. Be the example you expect from others.

More importantly, my dear James, I have never been worried about this Apple disaster because I use Ubuntu, and, frankly, you should too. So, none of these problems affect me anyway we look at them. I’m grabbing my popcorn and hotdog; if you don’t use Ubuntu, then make like a tomato and “ketchup”.

Obama Tip of the Week:

Due to lack of interest, I’m abandoning the tip. I think I’m less interested than he is.

The Denialist: Edition 54