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The Piel:

Sleep problems last week.

Finished verb.ink 1.0

  • Front to finish installation in Mandarin
  • Website with GitHub support link

Samples for the new brand…

…WANTED to clothes out this summer, but it probably won’t happen…

Decided to start building my own font.

And, read Enoch and Revelation for audio books.

And, start some other books I have in the gears.

Dear James:

During these times, don’t lose hope. Don’t give in to fear. Don’t cry and whine. Establishments are controlled by powerless cowards by definition. They are like crabs looking for someone else’s shell to be their protection. They love and breed weakness, many of them Christian. They don’t know that meekness is founded on power, not inability. They don’t understand the concept of having dinner with their enemies, even though David and Jesus both had dinner with their enemies. They fear evil more than they fear God. And they forget that God raises up and tears down tyrants and righteous judges, all according to His good will. Never forget the power of God that they can’t understand.

The Denialist: Edition 66


Raw fish

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