106 Forgiving Ignorance

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106 Forgiving Ignorance

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Prelude to Conflict: Asia, March 9, 2015 | Symphony

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Thinking about vlogs

I decided to forgive the Americans whose parents never taught them about politics, who voted for Obama and were then surprised at the results that the rest of us foresaw.

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Game On

News & Politics:

Netanyahu—No Biden

Fergusson—Chasing officer into car with his gun


Still too many police shootings

Still not about race

Still too much jumping to: race v not-race

Still not enough: investigate and stop shootings

Why couldn’t they taze him earlier? Would that have been politically incorrect? It’s a national problem on how to “do” and train police.

Shepard Smith on llamas…


This week:

Pastor’s Wife… …Make friends, don’t make too many enemies or you’ll have problems. “That’s good counsel.” Yeah, it is. But the way means we need to listen.

Noticed: everyone’s solution is to oppress the oppressor, though oppressing the oppressor only makes problems bigger. We need to just move past the past and move toward freedom, not vindication. And we all need to get educated.