105 Busy into Beta

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105 Busy into Beta

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Prelude to Conflict: Asia, March 2, 2015 | Symphony

The Desk:

Cleaned-up website icons, added PDT icon, deleted LinkedIn because it’s just a place to lie about yourself anyway.

About SEO visibility: Grapevine networks come in many shapes and sizes. SEO is only one. Yellow Pages were another. LinkedIn and Facebook are a great way to Jekyll and Hyde yourself. Amway proved that word of mouth grows at a sustainable speed and has a longer-lasting effect—for better or worse, maybe worse since they didn’t focus on retail.

I’d rather just leave people to discover stuff without SEO. It’s why I don’t use tags in all my posts, though I have all the tools to do so.

Same content is on my .com and PDT, which theoretically hurts SEO ratings. Great! Google can make themselves irrelevant. .com is all of me in one place, PDT is easy reading. Why is that so evil?

Ubuntu special character input codes… better than Windows, uses the “Compose” key, which can be anything.


Books & Brands:

Finished the necessary back-end for the $1/mo project. Looking for testers. Officially moving into beta.

Monkeys in the Jungle… Happens in politics, Church, business, health, even programming. OpenOffice, Facebook, tumblr blogger’s fear. Why people hate Churchianity so much. Health Care, Net Neutrality, vaccines—all can be good, but some monkey in the jungle wants to harness them for some other purpose, usually to get money.

News & Politics:

Leonard Nemoy’s passing… As a kid, I loved Spock. When I became an adult, I realized it was because he was so calm, yet approachable. He was not cold. Leonard was Jewish and the “Live long and prosper” hand symbol was borrowed from Jewish rabbis, resembling a Hebrew letter. He invented it for the first time he visited Vulcan in the original TV series. Leonard was 83.

Obamacare voter’s remorse. Secret to being right: First, BECOME right. Secret to become right: Love discovering that you’re wrong, then shut up and listen!

Obamacare is not an Obama problem, it’s a “shut up and listen” problem.

Obama voters flap gums like young parents who learned FOR THE FIRST TIME that their parents had good ideas. “I just now learned why my parents were smart. I didn’t learn it before, I had to wait until I had kids. And now that I have kids, I just finally figured out that my parents had good ideas. And my conclusion is that I now know everything and should do lots of talking. And ‘when you get to be a parent’ will be my new meme. I’m going to start saying it all the time.” Too many young parents are worse than teenagers, which is probably where their teenagers get it from.

If you voted for Obama, but you don’t like the Obamacare that came as part of the package, then here’s what to do: Shut up and listen next time people try to warn you about something. The problem wasn’t voting for Obama, but that brats don’t learn how to listen no matter how old they get.

Net neutrality… Obamacare didn’t teach us the first time. Now, they want Obamanet.

Vaccinations… Doctors are educated by special interest groups just how politicians are funded by special interest groups. Pro-vaccine ads should address that, but they ignore it using “popularism” as the method. And, no one addresses the big issue about parents not vaccinating their kids: Bill Gates won’t vaccinate his kids, but he preaches for vaccinations. Maybe PSA’s should target Bill to get him to make up his mind. ABC is in on the discussion…


Parents and voting: No one listens. Same problem. That’s why the government and the family are both in such trouble.

Too often, the solution to the oppressors is to get a new oppressor to oppress the oppressor. It’s like Alien v. Predator: No mater who wins, we lose. Why do people think that their own government or political party is never a bad oppressor?

Net neutrality… Obamacare didn’t teach us the first time. Now, they want Obamanet. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Net neutrality’s problem is that it opens a can of worms and leaves too many secrets. Solve the problem without the FCC.

With these things, no one discusses the monkeys in the jungle.


February 23, 2015

This week:

Theme: wake up early, add friends not enemies.

Talked to two mothers about their kids. Don’t let culture dictate your parenting, schooling, and career decisions.

More and more of the best of the best is not always best. Anything can happen. Don’t make decisions based on only one factor, but consider factors we know and prepare for the factors we can never know about.

Explored Raspberry Pi and Arduino