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102 Stand Up

@PacificDT Editorial Blog:

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, February 9 | Symphony

The Desk:

T-shirt factory, forgiveness, friendship

How to kill mosquitoes:

Kaohsiung taps the sea to fight dengue

Books & Brands:

$1/month coming: ownCloud, WordPress, sugarCRM, webmail:

blog, store, domain, cloud-sync, documents, bookmarks, calendar, contacts, email, more coming

premium plugins not on WordPress.com

you own your stuff

compatible with other services and clients

custom cloud: eg. your Amazon S3 bucket, Dropbox, etc

content exportable, service fully duplicatable on a personal site

This week:

Parents, grandparents

Asia: make money, lost care for school or ethics…

Chinese entrepreneurs

Bruce Wayne v Tony Stark

Cold front: dust from China

Stand up to the gossip machine and nonsense