Dear Holy Rolling Evangelical Absolutists

I’m breaking up with you.

It’s hard to imagine the mind of people who are so convinced that everything they say and do is, literally, 100% from God. I tolerated it for several years, thinking you mistook superlatives (like ‘best’, ‘most’, and other words that often end in ‘-est’) for comparatives (like ‘better’, ‘more’, and other words that often end in ‘-er’). But now I can see that you actually believe this. You genuinely believe that your walk with Christ is best at “100% God, 0% you”. That may be true for you, but not for the rest of us.

Do you actually expect me to believe that your blogs are 100% God’s voice through you, not even reflecting your own style in the least? If that were true, then “God” (as you call it) is long-winded and makes many grammatical errors, but only when “God” talks through you. God does talk to us today, He has prophets, but you seem to think that Prophecy is comparable to a kind of “Holy demon possession”. As a result of this straw man you claim to be, many are repulsed by so-called “Prophecy” and, in turn, dispose of the real McCoy.

I reject the idea that Jesus wants us to be “carcasses” whom He possesses. “Dead to sin, but alive in Christ,” is not a picture of a dead body that Jesus dances around like a puppet master who is finally free to do with us as He pleases. God wants us to have personal desires so we can desire Him and also things that are good and fair toward others. But you refuse to say so and you insist on using the “dead-body” example to describe “alive in Christ”. No wonder teen suicide attempts among Christians are so high!

Your older generation’s “I’m 100% sin” message leads young people to think Jesus wants them dead… so, that’s what many of them try. It starts with trying to kill their love for others, then their love for Him, and, in some cases, they try to turn their bodies into literal, “carcasses,” as you say. I love these young people very much. If we were 0% themselves, then no one would need us because praying to Jesus would be exactly the same as talking to us. What an absurd idea. But we aren’t 0% ourselves, nor should we want to be. God made us in His Image. Jesus wants us to “be” so we can be 100% fascinated with Him and 100% loving toward each other.

At first, I thought this was a simple confusion about choice of words. But you actually refuse to abandon “100% God, 0% me” for “100% fascination with Jesus”! It’s clear. There’s no mistake. Our past conflicts were rooted in the fact that we believe in different Gods.

I can’t personally encourage all the young people who believe that God rejects them based on your teaching. So, I’ve decided to solve this dilemma by taking-on your condemning doctrine directly. By proving where you are wrong, many young people will be delivered from depression and thoughts of suicide. I’m very angry with you.

People need to know that Jesus didn’t die for us so we could become “walking carcasses” controlled by Him. The high price paid on the Cross shows how much potential He found in us, even while we were dead in our sin. As a result, we are very much alive, contraire to your mainline teachings.

If I ever was a dead “carcass” controlled by something, it was when I believed your supposed “message from God” and you were my puppet master. Well, guess what. Now that I believe the truth, God breathed life into me, and I’ve got no strings to hold me down—and it’s YOUR nose that’s getting longer.

If people walk out on you, they aren’t walking out on Jesus—they are walking TO Him because they hate being told that Jesus wants their desires to die. Will sinful desires harm us? Of course, but desires for sin and self-destruction cannot be removed from our hearts until they are displaced by desires for life and friendship with the Author of Life. Your attempts to vacuum the sin out of us hasn’t helped, it only caused our hearts to implode.

I’ve dueled with you in every arena—Pentecostal, Charismatic, Baptist, Evangelical, Catholic, Protestant—and in each arena I found your victims who ate-up your fecal hors d’oeuvres because that was the best on your menu.

If you are, in fact, a Church leader whom “God” appointed, then we all can skip you and talk to Him directly. There is only ONE mediator between us and God anyway, and that’s God Himself. So, if He did “appoint” you as a leader “over” us, then you are defined as “not necessary”. On the other hand, if you were merely a sincere Christian seeking Christ like the rest of us, well, that would change things and being your friend would be very much worth while, along with reading your blogs and listening to your teaching. But, that wasn’t enough for you, was it.

If you believe that your walk with Christ should be “0% you” then that’s another reason we don’t need to talk and young people don’t need to talk to you either. They can talk to Jesus directly. If the voice speaking through you is, truly, “100% God” then I don’t like “God”… but your voice isn’t 100% God, not even close. The young generation knows better. I know better. I thought you knew better, but, apparently, I was wrong again.

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