Advertising Gone Too Far

Facebook’s becoming a billboard. It didn’t start that way. And that’s why we liked it. Then it went public… certified, accredited, accountable, regulated… and Zuckerberg’s ” business nose” was no longer sufficient to manage the company. Now, it’s run by the same tycoons who destroyed Government Motors.

Facebook is valuable and successful because people use it, not from the popularity of advertisers. It’s the audience—the users, the readers, the listeners, the people… We made Facebook into Facebook.

It was the same as Rush Limbaugh’s snaffoo with advertisers. He’s a controversial guy. That’s why people listen to him. Angry elitists were jealous, so, not understanding how business works, they heckled his advertisers. See, in Liberal grad school ville, Moderate politics, and Asia, when someone voices the slightest disagreement, everyone throws up their hands, apologizes, placates, negotiates, compromises, and forsakes every value that makes them unique. That’s not the case with job creators, pioneers, Jesus followers, Conservatives, and number one Radio Talk Show hosts. If you want to make money from Limbaugh’s show, you have to do what the audience wants—not pretend that Rush does whatever advertisers want.

With failing companies (Government Motors) blasting Facebook, days before the Zuck Empire went public, claiming that Facebook doesn’t have good ad space, all the woosies cow-towed. Facebook stock dipped (which is normal for an opening day) and the banks used the sell-off as an excuse to buy up shares. Accountants are running the show now.

So, when you see those annoying ads on Facebook… and you start looking for another social media solution, just remember: This is what happens when you prostitute the company you started to the stock market. Once the spineless bean-counters have the power to manipulate public opinion of your company, it’s all down hill from there.

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