You may have noticed that news stories haven’t changed much over the last month. This scandal here, Mueller’s unfinished investigation there, Trump vs mass media over there, the tax bill is full of theatrics, Republicans don’t get along, the Democrats are about to take over the world—this time for real—, and the most missed story: While everyone is distracted with repeating headlines, Trump is ramming a very Conservative agenda through Congress.

Why recycle headlines? It seems that the country just doesn’t care anymore about the news. Maybe the lack of interest is tied to a lack of any news to write about—which may also be tied to the floundering new industry. It’s a tossup anymore—how many articles can you view this week without being asked to buy a subscription at the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Financial Times, or the Washington Post?

Is it possible that, for whatever reason, a decade of bad employment drove people to invent their own businesses; now, the economy is headed up, everyone is working—one way or another—and, so it seems, people either lack the concern or the time to worry about Washington? That might explain a little…

But, don’t be too distracted by boredom in America. This Korea stuff is for real. There’s a lot of new blood in Asia, not just in South Korea, but in another corner of the Pacific that too many headlines ignore: Taiwan. China has clearly stated that reclaiming Taiwan is the main deal maker-breaker between the US and China. With Taiwan, South Korea, and the US having new presidents, there’s a lot of shifting about to happen.

Of all places, the world is gearing up for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Intended or not, it is meaningful as it is provocative. People don’t want to buy tickets and North Korea won’t be happy. Equally provocative would be the US making good on its 2018 budget plans to make US Navy port stops in Taiwan—something China has said would activate an invasion of the US ally island of 23 million.

Korea isn’t the only stick of dynamite in the Pacific. Tension between Taiwan and China is the other. Either one could set the other off.

Remember in your American news boredom: When the dynamite cache blows in the Pacific, the ripple will last a decade and Asia will make US headlines.