As unpopular—and arguably inappropriate—as Trump’s unsympathetic comments were, the feeling of “urgency” will grip far more people than before. It’s unlikely that his words about Puerto Rico will result in mass abandonment. By thumping his chest and barking well before bite, Puerto Ricans will fight against their own corruption and bring out their “A” game. So will Congress. So will America. And, that is what should have happened in the first place.

Where was the nation-wide rush for our “A” game in Puerto Rico before the hurricane? All Americans share some level of blame for the presence of problems in Puerto Rico. It’s easy to blame the thunder Trumpet who wrongly splashes water in our faces to wake us up when we shouldn’t have been sleeping. But, don’t let anyone else’s wrong distract you. America has a job to do that we all have been too lax on, including this columnist.

I, for one, should have at least asked some of my Puerto Rican friends about the situation, maybe even helped them raise awareness—or whatever they would have requested of me within my power to do. I should have visited Puerto Rico long ago in one of my college adventures. I should know the places when they are reported on the news. But, I don’t.

Does Trump actually mean what he says? As usual, probably half. First, it’s a great way to get the Left all hyperactive about his “rude tone” while ignoring the very real and practical steps he is taking in Congress to make a lasting Right-wing imprint on the nation. Second, it’s an awesome way to stay in the headlines and be the most talked-about president since hating him is just so fun. Third, it’s an excellent negotiation tactic—the crisis and oversell preceding what he really wants: building contracts.

Do you really think a building contractor would turn down an opportunity to get an infrastructure bill through Congress? Trump will rebuild Puerto Rico with a bipartisan law in Congress, celebrate it in the State of the Union, and Puerto Rico will build a monument to his name.

In the meanwhile, throw a fit if you want. Watch football or lose more friends on Facebook. But, I’m not shifting blame to a barking dog, love or hate him; I’m shifting focus to what I should be doing. I suggest the same for everyone.