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Dear James:

I want to write you about your support for Bernie. Though you talk about the Russian revolution as if you are a historian, and though you condescend everyone older than you as if you will also get stupider as you age, there are some things you don’t yet seem to have figured out from history. The Communist Manifesto was designed to make the masses angry at a master puppet, while thinking they are angry at the puppet master—making the masses a bunch of puppets. Most Americans have figured this out. This is why Bernie supporters are both few and unable to listen—making Bernie supporters somewhat like the FBI, but I digress.

Marxism capitalizes on the masses’ ability to diagnose without taking the time to figure out a solution that will work longer than a few years. Trump diagnoses America’s problems much the same as Bernie. I know you haven’t had the chance to sit down and listen to Trump. But, I promise, I won’t be surprised if, in the general election when you hear Trump unedited, you decide that Trump and Bernie sound much the same.

The problem with Socialism is that it is great—until you run out of other people’s money. The problem with “Democratic” Socialism is that it’s great—until you run out of other ideologies’ votes. As Despair, Inc. writes, “None of us is as dumb as all of us.” The masses putting manufacturing to a committee—!? What could possibly go wrong?

Do you really think Socialism has a 100% failure track merely from lack of rebranding? With all the complaints about the fake Republican money bosses messing up the government, you’d think people would figure out that government can’t be trusted no matter who cons the masses into helping them take it over. But that would require thinking—something people usually don’t do when they are angry at a puppet.

America’s Fascist-Socialist direction keeps people blind to the fact that we have two problems, not just one. The problem with Socialism is the same problem with Fascism—there always exists a puppet master behind the scenes, usually a mafia boss or five, who exploits any form of centralized power. The solution is to make sure that power doesn’t consolidate in any one place—whether in the hands of a Rockefeller oil monopoly or a democratically-elected panel with a masked kinfeman behind the curtain giving orders who whichever unfortunate sap happened to get elected that time around.

Real Republicans or real Democrats would be great; we need to dump the RINOs and the DINOs, who hold their titles “in name only”. The problem with the Republican party is that it isn’t republican. Republican voters figured that out long ago, standardizing “RINO” to explain McCain. The Democratic party’s problem is that it isn’t democratic—which the condescending Bernie brats are just now finally figuring out with their epiphany discovery of the age-old superdelegates. I tried to tell you that the superdelegates were in Hillary’s pocket and would crush Bernie, but you were too busy condescending and you listen about as well as the FBI listens to iPhone instructions. Both the Democrat voters—and the Sunday morning crowd who want the president to be a sinless Jesus proxy—are equally slow on the uptake. Bouncing back and forth between the puppet master’s right and left hands only plays into his hands.

If Bernie really is selling “Democratic” Socialism, then he chose the wrong party to do it. It’s time we stop acting like anything but Socialism and Fascism have failed America. We have neither tested democracy nor a republic. This election cycle is already determined, for the most part. It’s time we think about creating a third party in time for 2024 to clean up whatever mess inevitably comes after this year’s circus act.

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