Construction February

I have been praying to the Lord for several months about wicked people and their evil goals. Over the last month, the Lord had been speaking to me about His response coming in February. I knew His response would be strong, but I had not idea what it would be.

Today, February 1, I saw it: Construction

There could be more coming from the Lord, but this part is also important. So, I’ll elaborate on “construction as strategy”…

All construction sites have similar effects, but consider road construction as one applicable example.

Road construction causes two things: 1. disrupted traffic, 2. strengthened infrastructure.

During any construction phase, it is difficult for anyone—locals or visitors, criminals or honest folk, civilians and governments. The Italian Job wouldn’t have worked so well if all the get-away streets had been closed for road construction. Imagine a movie chase scene when the characters suddenly run into road construction, regardless of who is pursuing who. Even a tank can’t roll across a bridge that is half-disassembled. And there is no point in bombing a half-finished runway, so construction could even avert a military assault, if it’s what the Lord wants.

Construction disrupts a lot of things, and the good guys seem to fair better during times of construction.

After construction, roads are smoother, weeds don’t have cracks and potholes to grow in. And everything works better. Things generally get better for the good guys because the bad guys need problems in order to further their evil goals.

Construction often times reconfigures things. Roads may curve differently, for example. Depending on the architect, this could be good or bad. Nazis installed death camps and used railroads. Not all infrastructure is good. But, in this case, with the Lord as the Architect, the coming changes will benefit Him and His people.

There is much more that could be said about construction. Here, just consider that part of God’s current strategy to help His people is “construction”.

God’s work is not finished yet. The devil and his fools were ready for whatever mischief they planned this time, like a house cat who thinks it owns the house when it can’t even open a door. The Lord didn’t respond with parting skies and opening seas. He just declared a surprise construction zone. And that was the end of the devil’s schemes, for now.

The Helper doesn’t need to finish His work in order to help us. We only need His work to begin. And, as of February, it has.

Look around you. Look at the things God is doing and beginning. Look at the new tools still in beta, strong enough to help, but not strong enough to harm. Look at the projects in your life that have finally gotten a clear way.

One reason God chooses “weak and broken” people is that the devil is so weak that he relies on the strong. If you are weak in yourself, but strong in God, then the devil can’t use you and it would waste his time to hurt you.

This is the Lord’s tactic with His people now: Construction Zone. Work on the way, rest in Him, and don’t complain if the dust hasn’t settled yet. As the redeemed, a season of construction zones is to our advantage.

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