Quoth the Raven: Nevermore!

It lends itself to endless tongue-in-cheek analysis. I couldn’t resist… (Bear in mind, some of this reflects more entertainment than actual opinion.)

Baltimore Ravens Safety, Bernard Pollard, says that, the way things are going, the NFL may not be in existence in 30 years. His comments seemed more bent around the “sissyfying” of the All-American “man’s” game.

It seems a lot of things have been commandeered by “Great Successors” these days…

North Korea is inching toward normalizing relations with their Southern kin. Talk about departing from a nation’s founding! Wow.

Apple’s root market feels alienated in lieu of Jobs’ departure, especially with all the talk of branching out toward “lesser quality” Apple products—DAH! Quality was why everyone raved over Apple before the 2010’s—an Apple without a “quality” buzz is like a bee without honey. STING! Maybe “bad Apple products” is just a rumor started in the Big Apple on Wall Street so someone could buy up bigger Apple stock at an even bigger discount. How do ya like them apples? There do seem to be a lot of arrows aimed at the Apple in media, lately.

Gates stepped down from managing daily operations of Microsoft—reportedly so he could vaccinate the whole world, but not his own children—and, voila! Windows 8: The Win that doesn’t break!

America’s government is making more and more recommendations against the Constitution that founded it—and against the people who voted for it… Kinda’ makes one think of the teenage girl who threw away the keys to the car because her parents grounded her from driving it for a week… Huh. And they wonder why no one wants to fly air planes. Maybe one of Big Sister’s friends wanted to buy up airline companies as well.

It certainly is the era of the Great Successors’ departure from their founding. Change. A lot of things are getting bought and sold. But, let’s get back to more important matters: football.

As I said in my spicy-titled article, Beautiful Homosexuals, jocular parenting doesn’t work; it only alienates brilliant sons from their fathers. How dare we point the finger at our children for being who we raise them to be.

Since quoth the Raven who spake, “Nevermore,” for the NFL, I have my own prediction: As fathers spend more time with their children,  less time being “manly” in front of the tube, and less flippant toward art, more people would grow up to be stable individuals and more productive with their time. Sons will spend less time “playing football” and shooting Halo’s Covenant on XBOX (no offense, Mr. Gates.) Maybe the Master Chief’s bullets are so powerful because they’re laced with vaccinations. Hmm… Vaccinate the Covenant forces!

On the one hand, sabotaging the NFL—with lectures that only make the lawyers, plus two people in the stadium, happy—almost seems like a plot to crash America’s economy via crashing football… Something an archenemy of James Bond might try. But that’s a conspiracy theory that’s too good not to make the box office.

I think, if the NFL vanished, the economy would improve significantly and the number of homosexuals would go down.

Not moralizing. Just sayin’.

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