Gingrich led Republicans to take the House for the first time in 40 years.. AND balance the budget for the first time in 40 years! Is he “egotistical” as some say? Most get-er-done types are misperceived as “egotistical” by those who live on their sofas. You have to say NO to Washington if you want to say YES to the voters. He kept his campaign promises. Call it good, bad, arrogant, humble.. it’s exactly what we need: Republican leadership, campaign promises KEPT, a balanced budget.

But Romney is showing his true colors.. wishy-washy, calculating, smooth-talker, and a bully when you get in his way. Will that win the Moderates Romney idolizes? How could it, if he can’t even get along with his own party?

And, Newt’s true colors are also showing.. His changing opinions demonstrate that he learns, unlike Romney who changes with polling data. We need a politician who can learn. Maybe that’s why he got stuff done in 1995. Newt’s promise to hit back heavy on Romney slaps wasn’t from polls, it’s because he just realized that he needs to. He knows that the American people know he needs to. But Newt offers one other advantage..

Typically, Presidents have experience as Senators. More recently we’ve known them as Governors. Sometimes they were Vice Presidents or Generals. But Congressmen, let alone Speaker of the House? That would be interesting.

Newt knows how the House works. He enforced financial responsibility in the face of White House Clintonomics. He’d be superb in the White House and would take it to Obama like we’re going to see him take it to Romney.

And one other thing.. Newt defeated Hillarycare. So, after he takes it to the economy, to confused legislator-judges, to dishonest Fast and Furious smugglers, to crumbling Social Security, to emergency status Medicare.. Newt will take it to Obamacare.

As we learned in Wisconsin, healthcare costs can be lowered by forcing government unions to take bureaucracy liposuction. Maybe frivolous lawsuits (judges) would also cut health care costs. That kind of back-end reform is what we ALL would want in any healthcare plan. And Newt is just the constant-life learn/thinker it will take to make it happen.

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